Bear with me while I turn this into a blog.

Hello my 46 followers and friends,

The view is a bit different now. I am stuck alone at home and this is now going to be therapy for me. I really loved writing this nonblog while I was in France. I don’t have the patience to start a new site so I’m using this one that I set up in 2013 when I first moved to France. In any case, its got great photos of sunny skies and happy people ( and nice food shots) which we need right now. Oh to be sitting in a cafe in Aix-en Provence ( or Toronto) eating a pain au chocolat!

People always ask me for info about everything and since I read a lot and love to exchange information, I thought I’d start doing it here although I don’t intend to write lengthy posts like most bloggers and will use photos as much as possible ( including my favorite happy car, the 2CV).  I also like to give my unsolicited opinion (can’t believe I’m not on Twitter) so this is a good place to do it because you can always unfollow me. I am known to dislike Facebook ( maybe now it will rise to the occasion and be what it was intended to be, although Zuck and his team are just getting richer by the nanosecond….hey maybe he can start sending out checks to everyone who uses FB) so you won’t find me much on there. I may give in if this thing lasts. Some people think I’m funny so if this is true it may lighten these darkish days which I hope will end soon.

Please send anything you find interesting or inspiring and it may end up here. No cat or dog stuff.

Stay apart and stay well.



New view from Toronto. Green pots from Provence. Terracotta pots also bought near Aix from Ravel ( another famous producer).

Memories from trip to Anduze. I brought home the mini version above.  Solange, with eyes closed and Eleanor.

Doubt you can get one of these on Amazon! These gorgeous pots have been made since the 17th century….the big ones can be seen all over France. Not cheap but true craftsmanship is still alive in France.


Many newspapers and magazines have taken down paywalls so people can read about  Covid-19. Smart move that will likely get them new subscribers. I always enjoy David Frum (Canadian conservative but hates Trump) who writes in the Atlantic. The Globe and National Post are doing same.

A few interesting articles for this week. The last one should be spread far and wide!

5 thoughts on “Bear with me while I turn this into a blog.

  1. Just great Barb, admire you for your many skills! Still in Nassau, more cases now. Curfew at night, police is acting if needed, only banks , pharmacy and supermarkets are open. Nobody panics, shopping is controlled, certain items you can just have two . Unfortunately still few sanitizer products to be found. West Jet announced numerous cases of Corona Virus infections on the flights that where offered to me coming home. Stay healthy! Catrin

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  2. Happy to hear you’re going to be conversing on here Barb, blogs are freedom, self imposed. Love that you have pots and flowers, I am nourished by my morning view of flowers and buds and blossoms turning to leaf, and the abundance of daisies.

    Happy to read your thoughts, but won’t be reading about the virus. #day5 total confinement

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